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What is a Loop System?

A loop system is an electro magnetic field that spans a room, it allows hearing aid users to connect to one specific sound source within the room and cut out all extra noise. With the aim to be able to pick up only what you want to be listening to. Loop systems are widely becoming mandatory in many public places.

Here are five example situations a loop system is beneficial:

1) Hearing a staff member in the post office behind the screen. Using a loop system will link you straight to their microphone eliminating the barrier of the screen and other people talking.

2) Listening to a service at church even at the back. By using a loop system you will hear the vicor just as if you were sitting at the front.

3) Listening at a busy checkout counter.  A loop system will allow you to hear the cashier and non of the background noise of the shop.

4) Watching a performance at the theatre. Using a loop system you will hear everything performed on stage just as well whever you are in the audience and will not pick up people talking or eating resfreshments next to you.

5) A reception desk at a GP surgery. A loop system will allow you to hear the receptionist or health care proffesional behind the desk without the need for them to raise their voice potentially disclosing any personal details. (Click the below video to see this example)

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You can also get personal loop system’s which can be set up in your own home, these are especially useful for use with the television. Action on Hearing Loss has a great range of equipment avalaible:… (link is external)

Key points:

  • A loop system is only available to hearing aid users or those with a loop listener.
  • All services available to the general public must have an induction loop.
  • The ‘T’ position is what was used with the analogue hearing aids. The normal procedure to know connect on to the loop is by pressing a button on your hearing aid until you hear a select number of beeps which corresponds to the loop setting. On alot of NHS hearing aids this tends to be program 3 (3 beeps)
  • If you are in a loop area and it appears your hearing aid isn’t working, it may be the building does not have their loop system switched on
  • If you are NOT in a loop area and you try to use the loop, your hearing aid may appear dead. This is something to check that you have not accidently put your hearing aid, on the loop, if your hearing aid is not working.


The UK Disability Discrimination Act states that “Any business or organisation providing a product or service to the general public must have an Induction Loop System fitted wherever information is verbally provided”.  If you are a bussiness in need of a loop system click the image below:

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